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A New Saturday Class!

Updated: Nov 8, 2020

Our dedicated and fabulous trainer and aide, Bri Parcel, is going to be hosting a Core Training class on Saturdays, beginning on November 3rd!

This class is for people who want a total body workout with an emphasis in core stability, strength and core power. There will be a specific core goal and focus in every class. Each session will start with a cardio circuit and then move to a circuit that reflects the main goal for that particular day. This class is for people who want to be more effectively connected and in touch with their body, helping them to fire up specific muscles that will improve core stability, posture, balance and overall fitness wellness.

Bri's overall goal is to promote healthy posture, prevent back pain, and increase balance. By creating a strong core foundation people can be more knowledgeable and effective in their training and everyday functional activity.

Session 1:The first class will focus on educating the class specifically on our transverse abdominals, and how it serves as the FOUNDATION to our body.

Focus: How to use and engage your transverse abdominals and how it is so important for core stability. This class will include a dynamic stretching warm up, cardio circuit, and core foundation circuit.

Session 2:Posture!

Goal: To teach how to improve posture by strengthening the core, the mid and lower traps, as well as basic proper posture technique including how you keep good posture throughout the day while doing everyday tasks.

During the warm up we will go over retraction/protraction, promote awareness in the core, scapula, shoulders, and neck when standing, sitting, and doing everyday activities. We will follow up with cardio, scapula, and core circuits.

Session 3:Focusing on firing up glutes, quads, adductors, calves.

This session will include a cardio circuit focused on the lower half of the body, and strength training exercises like squats, wall sits, and side planks to activate the leg muscles.

Session 4:

Balance: How to use your core for better balance to improve agility and everyday functional tasks

We'll be focusing on techniques that challenge all of the muscle groups we've learned over the past several classes, putting them together to utilize our full bodies in our daily lives.

Register for the event here.

If you're interested in more information on Bri Parcel, her information is linked below:

To contact the clinic with any other questions, or to book a private session with Bri, please message us here!

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