Our popular one-on-one format produces maximum results with tailored instruction.  You will work with our expert Pilates instructor to focus on strength, flexibility, and improved movement patterns.  If you are a current patient in Physical Therapy, our Pilates instructor will work with your Doctors to shape a more appropriate Pilates session for your individual needs.

Tricialee Friedman

Growing up in the Bay Area, Tricialee wasn't into athletics or working out.  Instead, she was a bookworm interested in computer science.  After graduating college, her lack of exercise and poor eating habits led her to a weight of 200 lbs. 


Over the course of 3 years, she lost 85 lbs through a variety of cardiovascular and strengthening exercises. Tricia's love affair with Pilates began in July 2013 after her boyfriend introduced her to the practice.  She discovered that Pilates addressed her knee pain, lower back pain, chronic left shoulder tightness, and gait issues that she experienced after her weight loss. Now, she uses her old bookworm ways to read up on the latest research in pain medicine and incorporate that into her Pilates sessions. 


Tricialee completed her 450 hour Comprehensive Pilates Certification from The Sheppard Method in January 2018 and will complete her BASI Comprehensive Certification in June 2019. She also holds a 200 hour Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Certification from Red Diamond Yoga.


"Dr. David Ojeda has been more than just my therapist, he's my trainer, my doctor, and my coach wrapped up in one!"

"John has enabled me to walk again. Words cannot express how grateful I am for his work. He is simply put, a healer. "

"I couldn't recommend Matrix more highly. They ... are very scientific and centered around doing work there and on your own that actually makes a very tangible difference."

Brittany F.

Justin N., elite marathoner

Noah L.