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Doctors of Physical Therapy are highly-trained practitioners and are the leading experts in movement and movement dysfunction.  At Matrix PT & Wellness, our doctors specialize in assessing and treating orthopedic conditions.

Our Certified Hand Therapists are advanced practitioners specializing in conditions of the upper extremities.  They have extensive knowledge in assessment, treatment, and making of custom splints.  

Our Wellness programs keep you well.  They are designed to keep you healthy after traditional therapy has ended, or to help you prevent getting injured in the first place. 

Our highly-trained massage therapists will be a great addition to your therapy sessions, wellness sessions, or as a stand alone service.  Unlike other massage therapy locations, our massage therapists work closely with our Doctors to guide your therapeutic massage and create a custom treatment.

Our expert pilates instructor is a specialist in healing and restorative pilates, focusing on spinal alignment. Jennifer's impressive background is made stronger by her close interaction with Matrix's therapists. For current patients, your therapist will work closely with our Pilates instructors to shape an appropriate pilates routine just for you.

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