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Welcome to the Matrix Newsletter

Updated: Nov 8, 2020

A publication dedicating to bringing you our most up-to-date news.

We are excited to open a new channel for communicating with our patients and clients. We will be working diligently to bring you a regular newsletter to keep you informed of the ongoings here at the Matrix clinic.

Subscribe to our emails to hear about important events like office closures, get special offers on wellness classes and more!

Our regular newsletter will include a wide range of information for our patients and clients. We will discuss new physical fitness methods that are emerging in our field, introduce you to our staff, and keep you posted about special events happening at the clinic.

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"Dr. David Ojeda has been more than just my therapist, he's my trainer, my doctor, and my coach wrapped up in one!"

"John has enabled me to walk again. Words cannot express how grateful I am for his work. He is simply put, a healer. "

"I couldn't recommend Matrix more highly. They ... are very scientific and centered around doing work there and on your own that actually makes a very tangible difference."

Brittany F.

Justin N., elite marathoner

Noah L.