Our name is the very essence of what we do. Like scaffolding around a building, we provide support and reinforcement while you rehabilitate. In addition to our premier Orthopedic and Sports Physical Therapy services, we also promote overall health, fitness, and injury-prevention. Through our multiple therapy techniques, wellness programs, and other health and fitness services, Matrix Physical Therapy will provide the perfect environment for you to get healthy and stay healthy. Let our clinic be your matrix.

Matrix (n): an environment in which something develops. 

We accept most major insurances including Medicare, Anthem Blue Cross, Blue Shield, Aetna, United Health, Health Net, and Cigna.


"Dr. David Ojeda has been more than just my therapist, he's my trainer, my doctor, and my coach wrapped up in one!"

"John has enabled me to walk again. Words cannot express how grateful I am for his work. He is simply put, a healer. "

"I couldn't recommend Matrix more highly. They ... are very scientific and centered around doing work there and on your own that actually makes a very tangible difference."

Brittany F.

Justin N., elite marathoner

Noah L.